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Project Description
Open Portal Foundation is a network based solution for creating scalable portals and provides a uniform customer experience. It completly separates Web Design, Web content and Web engine. It provides design theming, Content Management support and Agnostic authentication support.

The documentation center is available here: Open Portal Foundation Documentation Center.

This project is a part of a more global project named Open Enterprise Application Platform, which is composed of four main framework or platform:

Project Description
Enovatics Foundation Library A lightweight O/R Mapping solution for data access layers based on stored procedures, Strongly Typed cache management, CSV management, and a unified logging system.
Open Portal Foundation (this project) A lightweight foundation framework for creating scalable portals.
Open Dotnet CMS A lightweight solution for manage XML contents and pictures for your web sites.
Open SOA Platform Runtime environment management (PROD, DEV, ...) , application and services versionning, SLA, activity monitoring.


Project Vision

The aim is to create a network based solution for creating scalable portals and provides a uniform customer experience which increase the ease of use and the customer experience.


Main Features
  • Fully Templatized and thematizable portal for business brand alignment
  • Componentized masterpage, for a completly customisable design
    • Customizable Menus : Top menu, Toolbar menu, left and right menus, bottom and footer menus
    • Portal and site banners
    • Search integration
    • Advertising integration
  • Globalized content type templates, and templates overriding capabilities, completly technology independent content based on xml descriptive files
  • Avoid 404 errors : auto-generated Web pages at runtime based on an url rewriting system and xml content association configured in the xml table of content file
  • ASP .NET authentication support
  • Third party content source support, by using a generic content source provider system

How page layout is defined


How OPF works


How content pages are generated


SDK and Sample Web site

Here is the sample web site and local documentation center which is installed by the installation package.


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